Welcome to my meanderings

More than anything, I’m hoping this blog helps me to think about how technology both affects and is affected by education. And, I do believe the two have almost constant interplay. I believe those in education directly impact how technology is introduced and used in classrooms (both f2f and virtual ones) and technology impacts how students learn in both f2f and virtual classrooms. We have reached a time where the two cannot ignore one another. And, for me, that is an exciting time. I’m exicted by the possibilites that I have as a teacher, and I’m excited to learn what my students will contribute to the discussion.



3 comments on “Welcome to my meanderings

  1. Curt Bonk says:

    That is an interesting way to think about it Jen. Technology does affect all of us in education in some way. And education affects technology development, use, implementation, evaluation, etc. It is always an interesting and vital interplay. Your blog will undoubtedly document some of that.

  2. kseeber says:

    Hi Jen. My name is Kim and I’m in R685 too. I am excited about technology integration too. Actually I was excited about technology integration twelve years ago when I was an undergrad taking extra courses to get the computer endorsement. In those classes I learned how to use MS Word, PowerPoint, how to create a Webquest and a webpage. I remember thinking, that’s it? In my urban classroom I had hand-me-down computers, no software and an overhead projector (not much to work with). So now I’m back in school to learn about technology integration in the master’s program. The difference now is technologies are so much more accessible, available, and engaging. I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of great things!

  3. Curt Bonk says:

    Dial up the only option 30 minutes from IU? The most sophisticated technology spot in the state drops off just 30 minutes away (or less). Amazing! Your 2nd post, Jen…no one can respond to. FYI.

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