Education News Involving Technology

Iam a member of NCTE and get their weekly updates in my inbox. Of course, there is a section on technology (albeit small), so I thought I’d share what English teachers think are important enough to list in their weekly updates.

PBS recently conducted a survey that asked teachers if they want more access to classroom technology (DUH!). Not surprisingly and with the state of education budgets in this country, 2/3 of teachers report that budgets are the biggest barrier to incorporating technology in the classroom. To read the full article:

An introduction to the beginning of the “highlighting” feature we so love in e-readers:

And, hurdles to iPads in every classroom. We all want them; we all think they could positively impact our students. So, why aren’t they transforming education yet?

If engaging students is what we really want in education (you know, creating the self-motivated, self-directed learner), then why aren’t we doing it?!

And, finally, remember a week ago (I know things move fast in technology) when we talked about SOPA/PIPA? There were a few colleges who joined the hype and blacked out part of their websites, too.


3 comments on “Education News Involving Technology

  1. Curt Bonk says:

    Today we have virtual protests. Protests in Second Life. Protests in Facebook. Protests in Ning. Etc. Easier to organize and masses of people come.

    Money and budgets…soon we will have $1 flash memory sticks that hold a terabyte of data…of course then we will need 50 terabytes. Smile. Soon we will have $10 laptops. Of course, then we will all want expandable screens on mobile phones and not laptops. The target is constantly shifting. And shifting more today then ever before in the history of this little planet.

    But the iPad is a convergent device…it has many of the openers I discuss in my book. So, it may be worth the price and more.

  2. Cyndi says:

    Interesting articles, thanks for sharing. I have some experience helping teachers integrate new technologies into their curricula. I’m geeky and techie but am well aware that my passion comes with a bit extra thought when it comes to delivering instruction using a new piece of software or as in the above article about iPads indicates lots and lots of prep.

    We deployed over 80 iPod touch devices in one elementary school a couple of years ago and as the article mentions it was not as simple as plug and play – well that is of course if you plan to tie them to instruction 🙂 I spend loads of time looking for just the right fit for individual classrooms who now have iPads (classrooms not individual students) we setup listening centers with 5 way splitters so elementary students can listen to supplemental stories read to them provided by the textbook folks. Seems like an easy task – well it isn’t brain surgery but it does take time to create those playlists and sync the devices and prepare the lessons…. you get the idea. It’s not an overnight change. However, it is making a difference now that we have some experience under our belts. ELL / ESL / ENL students can now listen to the stories in their textbook being read to them as they follow along.

    Revolutionize – not yet but a change with benefits for student learning, yes! But it does take planning and if you are lucky there will be someone there to guide you through those first steps of roll out so it isn’t so painful.

  3. Curt Bonk says:

    Revolutionlize Cyndi…transformational Jen? Well, we will see. I think so. No, it’s no brain surgery and that is exactly why it has a chance.

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